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Woolrest Golden Fleece Wool Mattress Pad

The Golden Fleece is Woolrest's top of the line product, if you are wanting a pure wool mattress pad without magnets. You can rest assured that it is made using only the finest 100% pure wool, which, unlike many other woolen mattress pads, has not been treated with any chemicals.
The Golden Fleece is the ultimate in luxury – and is ideal for use in any climate, cold or warm.
You simply cannot find a better quality, more luxurious topper, anywhere. We even exceeded our own designer’s specifications!

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About the Woolrest Golden Fleece Wool Mattress Pad

The Gold Label is thick with wool and very soft – and yet it is very supportive for your entire body. In fact it has 50% more wool than necessary to meet the Woolmark standard - in excess of 1,000 gms total weight.

The Gold Label wool mattress pad has a beautiful japara backing, and is bound right around the edges. Like all our products, it fits snugly on your bed with elastic straps that loop under the mattress.

Testing confirms Woolrest is the best you can get

We don’t take our good name for granted – so we recently decided to have every other popular woolen underlay on the market, tested by scientists.

We were delighted when they told us that we are indeed the best: Woolrest products were the only ones that met the Woolmark standard.

You can feel the difference when you run your fingers through our blend of wool. It comes from primary Downs sheep bred in New Zealand and Australia, from a breed that originates in the Downs country of England, and Normandy in France. This wool is known for its strength, durability and spongeyness.

We also mix in some merino wool to give it its softness.

Sheep from the Downs are kept on good pastures for production, they’re not left out to wander around bleak hillsides, fending for themselves. So it’s no surprise that the wool is top quality. It’s also the “spring steel” of the wool world. All these qualities make it ideal for use in Woolrest magnetic mattress pads, because it gives your body total support in bed.

Why use Wool?

Wool is the natural fibre that science has not been able to match for its versatility, practicality and superiority. Scientists have not yet been able to produce a single fibre that can duplicate all of the properties of wool.

First of all, wool is supremely rich and comfy. It can also absorb 30% of its weight in water before it even feels damp, compared to 1-2% for acrylic and polyester fibres.

And in warmer weather, don’t think that because it’s wool, it’s too hot for summer. Scientific tests have proved that this is not correct, showing that wool is in fact ideal for clothing and bedding in all conditions. It breathes with your body, providing warmth during winter while absorbing your body’s moisture during summer to keep you cooler.

And very importantly, wool will give you many years of wear, giving you a better night’s sleep. Just air your Woolrest regularly outside on a sunny day.

Reduces Allergies

Wool’s natural ability to reduce the moisture level in your bed reduces the ability for organisms such as moulds, mildew and dust mites to thrive. This is important for people who suffer from allergies. It is naturally static resistant too. Plus, wool fibre has an external layer called the epicuticle, which resists soiling and water.

By ordering your own Woolrest BioMag you will join hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world who find pain relief through the use of magnetic therapy, assisting the body to inner health and wellbeing, in a totally natural, drug-free manner.