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Woolrest BioMag Magnetic Mattress Topper

The pain relief and better sleep of the genuine BioMag magnetic mattress topper coupled with the total luxury of the Woolrest wool makes it an unbeatable combination. The magnetic therapy encased in the woollen underlay has thousands of people snoring away happily at night.

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The Deluxe Woolrest BioMag Magnetic Mattress Topper

We are proud of the Woolrest BioMag Magnetic Mattress Topper, our “standard deluxe” topper. It’s the product of a very happy marriage: about eight years ago we decided to combine the pain relief benefits of the BioMag magnetic underlay, with the total luxury of the Woolrest woolen underlay.

Woolrest BioMag magnetic mattress toppers come in every size – from Twin to Cal.King.  They simply fit to your mattress with elastic straps on each corner, to prevent them moving.

Woolrest is a household name. Our luxurious pure wool fleeces have been on the market for 35 years. After all those years, the only changes have been in the new technology we use, to produce better and better versions of what has become the ultimate in bed-time comfort.

If you suffer aches and pains, or you simply want to sleep better at night, the Woolrest BioMag magnetic mattress topper  could be the perfect solution. It works a treat - the magnetic therapy encased in our woolen underlay has hundreds of thousands of people snoring away happily at night. And we are so confident in our products that we offer you a 60-day money back satisfaction guarantee.

Click to know why Woolrest’s wool blend is the best you can get, if you are wanting to get yourself a magnetic mattress topper.


Why use Wool?

Wool is the natural fibre that science has not been able to match for its versatility, practicality and superiority. Scientists have not yet been able to produce a single fibre that can duplicate all of the properties of wool.

First of all, wool is supremely rich and comfy. It can also absorb 30% of its weight in water before it even feels damp, compared to 1-2% for acrylic and polyester fibres.

And in warmer weather, don’t think that because it’s wool, it’s too hot for summer. Scientific tests have proved that this is not correct, showing that wool is in fact ideal for clothing and bedding in all conditions. It breathes with your body, providing warmth during winter while absorbing your body’s moisture during summer to keep you cooler.

And very importantly, wool will give you many years of wear, giving you a better night’s sleep. Just air your Woolrest magnetic mattress topper regularly outside on a sunny day.

Reduces Allergies

Wool’s natural ability to reduce the moisture level in your bed reduces the ability for organisms such as moulds, mildew and dust mites to thrive. This is important for people who suffer from allergies. It is naturally static resistant too. Plus, wool fibre has an external layer called the epicuticle, which resists soiling and water.

By ordering your own Woolrest BioMag magnetic mattress topper, you will join hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world who find pain relief through the use of magnetic therapy, assisting the body to inner health and wellbeing, in a totally natural, drug-free manner.

Pain Relief

Pain is the number one complaint of elderly people, and one in five of those people regularly take painkillers.

But this doesn’t need to be!

Because over the past decade, chronic pain sufferers have become avid users of Woolrest BioMag magnetic mattress toppers.

The Woolrest BioMag magnetic mattress topper can help with: