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Testimonial from Michael Hutt, SFC USA
Iraq War Veteran
First of all, thank you so much for the kind letter you sent along with the Woolrest BioMag.  I remain pretty quiet about the times I have spent with the Army serving in the major combat zones, but my wife kindly reminds me when I am most run down that what I have accomplished will benefit our childrens' futures.  Hopefully by the time they are of age we will no longer be fighting and our military will be serving in "peace time" once again.
At any rate, I cannot say how grateful I am that you would take the time to discuss my situation with Rebecca and ultimately, graciously, send me one of your top of the line mattress pads.  If you have gathered even a small bit of information from Rebecca, you will know that I was hurt in Iraq and that the injury resulted in the replacement of discs in my cervical spine.  We moved to San Antonio, Texas in order for me to try and recuperate but my body just has not been all too willing.  Since being here I have been diagnosed with degenerative Facet arthritis in my lumbar spine, Deep Vein Thrombosis in my legs, torn Achilles tendons and knee problems.  Needless to say these last few years have not been my prime.
Rebecca knows just how many doctors I have been seeing and that the many new medications they have thrown at me have not been for the purpose of curing me, but just so that I can bear the pain day to day.  When Rebecca and I first started corresponding I was living each day with a pain rating of 7 out of 10… This is the rating most would GO to the doctor for; I was merely leaving the doctor after being treated with a 7 of 10 which was actually a huge improvement for me.  Then Rebecca introduced me to her line of Qoleum products.  She started me right off with a comprehensive body map utilizing almost every product in her entire line.  She understood that I could barely stand for 10 minutes at a time, sit in one position for too long and was warned that that the kind of exercise I was used to doing could throw a clot loose and send it to my lungs.  I was basically given the instructions to try and not move and just tolerate the pain.
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"My Woolrest BioMag is coming with me on holiday!"

Christine Brown was devastated when it was confirmed that she had fibromyalgia, 13 years ago. She hadn’t had a good night’s sleep for ages, and was very worried about what the future held for her.

“After only three days of the Woolrest BioMag on my bed, I can honestly say I had the best night’s sleep I can remember. And I’m able to do the things I enjoy again.”

Every three months Christine attends a fibromyalgia sufferers’ meeting . She’s put several of her colleagues onto a BioMag, she has that much faith in it.


Christine Brown Purchased:

Woolrest BioMag Gold Label
Could it get any better than the leading magnetic underlay, the Woolrest BioMag? We didn’t think so, but our researchers have come up with something that’s knocked our socks off. The new Gold Label magnetic underlay. More on Gold Label Mattress Pad

"I had to give up work due to the pain – but my BioMag has got me performing again!"

Entertainer Yvonne Shaw had seen many TV ads where people talked about getting wonderful results from the Woolrest BioMag.

Yvonne was suffering terrible pain from arthritis, a degenerated disc and sciatica. Bearing in mind all those success stories she’d read about, she decided to phone up, hoping a BioMag could help her too.

“It would be June last year when I made that call to BioMag. My husband and I had been doing entertainment shows at nursing homes around the country for years. Gradually, though, my pain became so severe I had to give it up, and I really thought my performing days were over.”

“But my BioMag worked so well that a week after putting it on the bed, I was phoning ordering two more, one for my husband, and one to take with me on holiday! I couldn’t believe the difference it was making.”

“If I’d had my Woolrest BioMag a few years ago, I might never have had to stop work. To be able to continue entertaining is everything to me, I’m so happy now I’m free of pain.”


Yvonne Shaw Purchased:

Woolrest BioMag Topper
The pain relief and better sleep of the genuine BioMag coupled with the total luxury of the Woolrest, both in together. The magnetic therapy encased in the woollen underlay has over one million people snoring away happily at night. More on Magnetic Mattress Topper

"Do you have trouble getting comfortable at night?"

Jasmine Chapman tells how you can get eight hours, of luxury every day of your life.

Arthritis and sciatica had hit Jasmine Chapman hard. The pain would shoot down her left side – so bad that eventually she couldn’t lift her leg into bed at night. She had to lever it up with her arm.

In 2003, Jasmine and her husband Richard took a holiday to Tuscany. The holiday, she says, was a disaster. To start with, they had to move apartments because she couldn’t mange the steps. And then she couldn’t get into the countryside to walk, because it was too steep. All she could do was sit and read magazines she had brought with her. Her eye was caught by an advertisement for the Woolrest BioMag underlay for your bed, offering comfort to help you sleep better at night - and with a 60 day money back guarantee.

"I didn't need to think twice," says Jasmine. "I decided to give the BioMag a go straight away."

She now sleeps well every night, thanks to her Woolrest BioMag underlay. “My husband has been so impressed he's asked me to order one for him too - what better recommendation could you have? Keep up the good work BioMag!”

Jasmine’s latest mission - helping husband Richard dig out for an extension they’re building on to their house. Couldn’t have done that, this time last year!


Jasmine Chapman Purchased:

Woolrest BioMag Magnetic Mattress Topper
The pain relief and better sleep of the genuine BioMag coupled with the total luxury of the Woolrest, both in together. The magnetic therapy encased in the woollen underlay has over one million people snoring away happily at night. Learn More.

"Without my BioMag, my busy lifestyle wouldn’t be possible!"

Beulah Thomson was an A-grade tennis player until a riding accident 25 years ago. She was thrown from her horse while crossing a ditch. It kicked her in the back damaging one of her vertebrae - causing pain that's been with her for years.

She tried all sorts of painkillers which didn't seem to help. “Sometimes I used to wake up in the night and try to roll over - but I simply couldn't, the pain was so bad.”

Until Beulah, 52, saw an advertisement on TV where a woman with backache said she’d had great success with a Woolrest BioMag. Beulah also liked the reassurance they offered with a 60 day money-back guarantee, and immediately ordered one for herself. “Now I wake in the morning without pain, having had the best night's sleep,” she says.

These days Beulah is a busy real estate agent, sometimes spending up to 10 hours a day on her feet. “I couldn't be doing this without my Woolrest BioMag,” she says. “It's a simple, effective way to ease pain - and Georgio my beautiful cat loves his PetMag too!”


Beulah Thomson Purchased:

PetMag For Pet Therapy
We had so many requests from dog and cat lovers asking for BioMag magnetic therapy for their pet, that we designed the ultimate pet bed underlay – the PetMag. There is a choice of two sizes, just right for most pet beds. More On Pet Magnetic Therapy

Woolrest BioMag Topper
The pain relief and better sleep of the genuine BioMag coupled with the total luxury of the Woolrest, both in together. The magnetic therapy encased in the woolen underlay has over one million people snoring away happily at night. Learn More.

"I’ve just about forgotten I had any pain!"

Gladys Graves has arthritis in her knee, hip and shoulder. For the past five years, she says, the pain has been so bad she has found it difficult doing many of the things most of us take for granted.

Watching television, Gladys heard a woman recommending the BioMag magnetic underlay. She decided to order one for herself. Just weeks later, a delighted Gladys, 85, boasts that she has “just walked down to the bus stop for the first time in years, and with no pain!”

“In fact the doctor told me the other day that when I go on holiday in a couple of months, I should take my BioMag with me. She needn’t worry - there’s no way I would leave it behind!”

Gladys is also delighted with the added bonus of a better night’s sleep on the BioMag. “I’m sleeping through the night now, but I used to wake up frequently.”

“I can’t tell you what a relief it’s been for me.”


Gladys Graves Purchased:

BioMag Magnetic Underlay
The original BioMag magnetic underlay offers you drug free pain relief and a better night’s sleep. The BioMag first came on the market in 1998, and over one million people around the world have never looked back. Learn More

"My Woolrest BioMag has dramatically changed my life - I’ve got relief from that unrelenting pain!"

For the past ten years Sylvie has been in pain continually, due to severe osteoporosis.

87 year old Sylvie is once again enjoying life, thanks to her Woolrest BioMag. Every Saturday afternoon Sylvie walks to a neighbour’s in the Peninsula Retirement Village, and enjoys the company of four friends over a cup of coffee..

Sylvie is now spending time in her small garden, and even managing to cook again, and hang out her washing.

None of this would have been possible four years ago. It wasn’t until Sylvie’s son sent her a Woolrest BioMag underlay for her birthday, that the pain relief started. Over a period of about six weeks, Sylvie noticed a dramatic change. The pain in her back, her hips, and her legs had greatly diminished. “At last,” she says, “I was getting a proper night’s sleep. And for the first time in ages I was able to drive my car again.”

"My son and my friends can’t get over the change in me - it's like I’ve had a new lease on life. I wouldn't be without it now!."


Sylvie Purchased:

Woolrest BioMag
The pain relief and better sleep of the genuine BioMag coupled with the total luxury of the Woolrest, both in together. The magnetic therapy encased in the woolen underlay has over one million people snoring away happily at night. More On Magnetic Mattress Topper