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Cat Pain Relief

What is Cat Arthritis?

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that, just like humans, many cats develop arthritis as they get older. Feline arthritis is a common degenerative joint disease caused by wear and tear on the animal’s joints as they age, or perhaps because of an earlier injury.

Symptoms of Cat Arthritis:

  1. she moves stiffly
  2. or exhibits less playful behavior
  3. A cat suffering pain may also hide, or start behaving in a withdrawn manner
  4. You may notice your pet breathing more rapidly
  5. Or she may lose her appetite
  6. Sometimes a cat in pain may become unusually aggressive or unfriendly

Cats vary in their response to pain, it’s up to you the owner to be aware of the signs. Please remember that there is no cure for feline arthritis, but just like for humans, there are ways to manage the pain.

Magnetic therapy is a one-off cost, and in recent years has become increasingly popular as an effective  cat pain relief. The PetMag is a wonderful pet therapy option for your precious pet: magnetic therapy, encased in a cosy comfy woolen blanket.

We have had thousands of customers tell us their cat has benefited from sleeping on one of our magnetic pet basket pads - the standard PetMag, or the PetMag Gold.

Of course, you can always go down the path of giving your cat drugs, but the side effects can make your pet sleepy, gain weight, and frequently, become rather irritable. Plus, they’re expensive.

Some pet owners have found acupuncture helpful, and others use glucosamine. But both of these treatments can be an ongoing expense.

Other important tips to help manage feline pain:

  1. Always keep an eye on your cat’s weight
  2. Make sure they have a warm dry place to sleep
  3. Too much weight and cold conditions can both make the symptoms of arthritis worse

It is high time you ordered a PetMag for your dear cat to provide drug free pain relief.


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