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Magnetic Therapy Products

Magnetic Therapy Products

For years, the mainstream medical establishment’s response to pain has been to throw a pill at it. Patients seeking pain relief for a myriad of conditions ranging from arthritis to headaches, from sciatica to sore muscles, have tended to think that drugs are the solution.

Who Uses Magnetic Therapy?

Over the past 20 years, the ancient art of magnetic healing has been growing in popularity, to the stage where today, millions of people have successfully used magnet therapy for pain relief. Discover why so many people are using magnetic therapy - read what some of our very happy customers have to say.

The US National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine quotes one recent US survey of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, osteo arthritis or fibromyalgia who were seen by rheumatologists. It reports that:
18 percent had used magnets or copper bracelets and An estimated US$5 billion a year is spent worldwide on using magnets to treat pain.

Hardly a fringe therapy – and more than two hundred and fifty thousand delighted customers have got a Woolrest BioMag Gold label magnetic mattress pad, a Woolrest BioMag magnetic mattress topper or a BioMag magnetic underlay on their beds..

If you have a dear pet suffering from pain, the PetMag for Pet Therapy provides great relief.

  Woolrest BioMag Gold Label Magnetic Mattress Pad Woolrest BioMag Magnetic  Underlays Woolrest BioMag Magnetic Mattress Toppers Petmag
Woolrest BioMag Gold Label
Magnetic Mattress Pad
Woolrest BioMag Magnetic Mattress Topper
BioMag Magnetic
PetMag For Pet Therapy

Product Type
Premium Woolen
Magnetic Mattress
Magnetic Woolen
Mattress Topper
Magnetic Underlays
Pet Therapy To Relieve
Pet Arthritis
Price for Queen
2 sizes, from $59.00
New Zealand Made
Money Back Guarantee 60 Days 60 Days 60 Days 60 Days
Delivery Free Free Free Free
Merino and Downs Wool
Warranty Period
5 Years
3 Years
1 Year
1 Year
Comfort Factor
Ceramic Ferrite Magnets
Magnetic Pattern North Negative North Negative North Negative North Negative
BioMag Pillow Pads Included
Compatible with Electric Blanket
Elastic Straps