Therapeutic Magnets Help Blood Circulation

Therapeutic magnets are known to improve blood circulation flow in humans. Let us start with an introduction to the types of magnets used in magnetic therapy.

Types Of Magnets

In general, two types of magnetic therapy products are available. They are bipolar magnets and unipolar magnets. All magnets have a magnetic north pole and south pole.

A unipolar magnet is one where there is only one pole, either the north or south facing the body. A bipolar magnet is one where both the north and south poles face the body.

Scientific research proves that both unipolar and bipolar magnets have a good success rate in healing of the body. There is no confirmed decision as to which one is superior. There are a slew of magnetic therapy products in the market using both types of magnets.

Magnets And Blood Circulation

The reasoning behind therapeutic magnets reducing inflammation and hence providing pain relief is about magnetic therapy improving blood flow circulation. When magnets are applied to an injured region, the hemoglobin in the blood is repelled causing an increase in the flow of blood.

This repulsion is accompanied by creation of heat and turbulent movement and this enables the expansion of blood vessels and increasing the flow of blood into capillaries.

The increased flow of blood into the injured region creates better flow of nutrients at the cellular level into the affected area and makes way for removal of toxic materials such as calcium deposits, lactic acid etc.

The scavenger cells also come in to remove the cellular waste and carry it away from the injured area. This improved transportation of blood, oxygen and cell nutrients reduces the inflammation around the injured area thus expediting the natural healing the human body is capable of without the use of powerful drugs.

Dr. Philpott, a prominent researcher from the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy mentions the following benefits of the negative north pole of a magnet.

  • Provides pain relief
  • Reduction in swelling
  • Promotion of sound sleep without restlessness
  • Improved tissue alkalinization
  • Increased tissue oxygenation
  • Soothing the nervous system
  • Alleviates the effect of addictive tendencies

The pH value of the blood determines the oxygen levels in tissues. Higher oxygenation of tissues arises when the pH is alkaline. When the pH is highly acidic, some of the possible consequences are osteoporosis, gingivitis etc.

Magnets help in the alkalinization of tissues in the body thus helping maintain optimum oxygen levels.

A note of caution in the context of blood circulation is that magnets should not be applied to bleeding wounds or instances where there is internal bleeding. Patients who use blood thinners are also advised not to use magnets for self treatment.

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