Application Of Magnetic Therapy In Pets

Pet magnetic therapy has been bolstered over the years with a lot of scientific research proving the efficacy of magnetic therapy in treating physical ailments in dogs, cats and horses without causing any harmful side effects and sans expensive invasive surgery.

Types of magnets used in pet magnetic therapy

In magnetic therapy for pets, as in humans, static magnetic fields and pulsed magnetic fields are used. Static magnets can be embedded in wraps and strapped around the injured region of your pet’s body. Alternatively, pets are made to sleep on a pet magnetic bed interspersed with powerful static magnets.

The magnets themselves are of the order of 250 gauss to 2500 gauss. Generally the magnets are uni directionally applied to the body with the negative north pole attributed to majority of the healing. The south pole is a good stimulant for tissue growth.

In recent times, the introduction of bipolar magnets has added a new dimension to magnetic therapy. Bipolar magnets have repeatable north/south polarity on the same side of the magnet when conventionally the north and south poles are located on different sides of the magnet.

In short, recommendations vary when it comes to placing magnets in the injured region of your pet’s body. Either the magnet’s north or south pole can be placed in a direction north or south of the injury. From a vet’s perspective, many agree that only the north pole should be allowed to come in contact with the skin.

How magnetic therapy is applied with pets

It is of primary importance to consult a veterinarian and have your pet dog or cat checked thoroughly before subjecting your pet to magnetic therapy treatment.

Static magnets when applied to the pet’s acupuncture points helps stimulate these points. This is very effective for treating pet musculoskeletal problems such as arthritis in dogs especially affecting the back, knees and elbows. It is effective for treating hip dysplasia.

Advantages of pet magnetic bed over magnetic wraps

Pets are active and frisky and it is hard to keep them down in one place. Wraps with static magnets embedded in them can be strapped around the injured region of your pet’s body. The constant movement of the pet makes it hard for the wraps to stay attached to its body.

A pet magnetic bed is ideal especially for hyperactive pets and large dogs affected by arthritis. These pet magnetic beds or PetMags consist of luxurious Australian wool embedded strategically with static magnets help your pet canine or feline get the best possible exposure to beneficial static magnetic fields and providing drug free pain relief from dog arthritis or injuries.

After lying on these pet magnetic beds, you will be surprised to see a marked improvement in energy levels of your dear dog or cat and they can move around freely without experiencing the dreadful arthritis pain. They also get the benefit of a sound night’s sleep. Constant exposure to magnetic fields improves the healing of your pet’s arthritis.

Pet Magnetic Therapy From Woolrest BioMag

Here at Woolrest BioMag, we value the health of dear pets as much as humans. Our pet magnetic therapy product, the PetMag is made out of top quality luxurious Australian wool with powerful healing magnets embedded in it to help alleviate your pet’s pain, be it dog arthritis pain relief or cat pain relief, in a drug free manner without expensive vet bills or invasive surgery. Give your pet a break from arthritis pain by buying a PetMag.

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