Static Magnetic Fields Vs Time Varying Magnetic Fields

The strength of the magnetic fields plays an important part in the treatment of ailments using magnetic therapy. The question is to the use of static magnetic fields or pulsed magnetic fields (or time varying magnetic fields).

Research done so far has gathered information on effective use of the type of magnetic fields, the duration of the treatment and the number of exposures to such treatments. But it has been difficult to do so in many other instances.

Static magnetic fields are effective for treatment of certain disorders. Their physical upper and lower limits of magnetic field strengths in the use of treatment is well established.

In the case of time varying or pulsed magnetic fields, the physical limits are still unknown due to flux in voltage and hence the current generated that treat the tissues.

From research done so far, treatments are varied in terms of durations and number of treatments depending on the disorder being treated. Treatments can vary between 10 minutes and 24 hours with exposures ranging from weeks to months.

This clearly shows that it all comes down to the individual being treated and the condition that the individual is suffering from. Different people react differently to treatments. Some people can get relief from short term treatments. Some will have to deal with longer term treatments.

The use of the magnets of higher strengths can be used to deliver powerful exposure to target tissues. If the disorder extended over a larger surface area of the body, several magnets would be needed for treatment. For long term treatments, lower intensity magnetic field strengths need to be employed.

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