Magnetic Therapy For Dog Arthritis

In our previous post titled Dog Arthritis And Magnetic Therapy, we looked at the causes of arthritis in dogs and the early warning signs of onset of arthritis in dogs. In this post, we will look at the immune mediated arthritis and how magnetic therapy can be used to control dog arthritis.

Immune Mediated Arthritis

The immune mediated arthritis is caused by antibodies that attack a dog’s own connective tissue resulting in either an erosive arthritis or a non-erosive arthritis.

Erosive arthritis damages a dog’s cartilage and joint surfaces. Non-erosive arthritis causes inflammation in the joints but it does not destroy connective tissue.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an erosive arthritis that occurs to a large extent in small dogs. Non-erosive arthritis largely occurs in midsize to large sized dogs.

Magnetic therapy for treating dog arthritis

The pet magnetic bed from Woolrest BioMag called the PetMag consists of powerful permanent magnets embedded in luxurious Australian wool to emit beneficial static magnetic fields that your dog is exposed to when it sleeps on the pet magnetic bed.

The static magnetic fields reduces the inflammation and improves the blood circulation in the arthritis affected areas in the dog, mainly the joints. This improved blood circulation helps carry nutrients and more oxygen to the affected regions thus reducing the inflammation and easing the pain.

Magnetic therapy in dogs is ideal for fracture healing. The effect of static magnetic fields increases the calcium ions concentration at the fractured area and formation of the callus that helps in effective healing of fractures.

In addition to this, magnetic therapy helps in restoring the pet’s body to a balanced energy state and helps in improving the dog’s metabolism. Apart from treating canine arthritis, magnetic therapy helps in alleviating other disorders like hip dysplasia, osteochondritis, arthritis of the spine, vertebral problems and chronic pain disorders.

Advantages of magnetic therapy for dog arthritis treatment

Magnetic therapy is a safe alternative treatment for dog arthritis that is non-invasive and avoids use of powerful drugs that produce harmful side effects. It is also a cost effective treatment saving pet owners expensive vet and drug bills.

Magnetic therapy helps alleviate the pain characteristic of arthritis in dogs. Magnetic therapy inĀ  combination with conventional fracture healing techniques helps in the healing of fractures in pets with complete union of the fracture where the ends of the fracture heal very well. Generally in a non-union fractures, the ends of the fracture do not heal and the bone endings remain.

It is strongly advised that pet owners contact a veterinarian before subjecting their dog or cat to magnetic therapy treatment. A vet can also suggest the correct strength of magnets to be used in the pet magnetic bed to give the pets total relief from dog arthritis pain or cat pain relief.

Pet magnetic therapy from Woolrest BioMag

The pet magnetic bed or PetMag manufactured by Woolrest BioMag consists of powerful static magnets embedded strategically in luxurious Australian wool to help alleviate the dog arthritis pain in a drug free manner.

Allowing your dog or cat to sleep on the PetMag overnight stimulates the blood flow and reduce inflammation in the regions affected by arthritis. This gives your pet freedom of movement without stressing the affected joints and helps give your dog or cat a better sense of well being. Try a PetMag today and give your pet the best possible natural dog arthritis treatment.

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