Magnetic Therapy For Treating Insomnia

In our previous post titled Insomnia and Magnetic Therapy, we saw the definition of insomnia, its causes and its consequences. We saw briefly the magnetic therapy treatment for insomnia which we will dwell upon at length in this post.

Though there are various types of insomnia, mainly primary insomnia and secondary insomnia, the main problem in insomnia related disorders is the circadian rhythm or the human internal body clock.

Insomnia and circadian cycles

When the circadian cycles are not synchronized, the waking and sleep states of humans gets disrupted. The circadian rhythms tend to get into sync within a short period of time if the disruption is due to travel from one time zone to the other.

This is referred to as jet lag and depending on the distance and duration of travel, it can last anywhere between a few hours and couple of days. After this, the body clock gets in sync with the place of domicile and the sleep wake state gets back to normal.

Chronic Insomnia

The circadian rhythm cycles can cause serious disruption of sleep wake cycles when the cause is due to medical conditions like depression, stress, chronic pain due to arthritis etc.

This type of disruption of the body clock rhythms makes the circadian cycles go out of sync over extended periods of time causing chronic insomnia over extended periods of time resulting in mental and physical fatigue. It is vital to reset the circadian rhythm to alleviate chronic insomnia.

Melatonin and circadian rhythms

The pineal gland located in the base of the human brain secretes a hormone called melatonin. This hormone plays a large part in regulating the circadian rhythm cycles.

Melatonin is secreted at different times of the day but it peaks in late evening and is responsible for the onset of sleep. It is also referred to as the count dracula among hormones in lighter vein as it increases in activity after dusk as darkness sets in.

Melatonin and sleep

When the pineal gland does not secrete the optimum amount of melatonin, the circadian cycles get out of sync. This in turn extends the wakeful state of the individual and causes sleeplessness.

It must be noted that the pineal gland is very sensitive to changes in the human body thus restricting the production of melatonin.

Melatonin when produced in limited amounts can suffice to induce sleep in a person but it cannot sustain a steady sleep state. The affected person keeps waking up through the night as the melatonin production fails to reach high levels during the course of the night’s sleep. The low melatonin levels forces the person to stay awake.

Magnetic therapy for melatonin stimulation

Though melatonin is available in the form of drugs, the use of such synthetic hormones can cause adverse side effects. One of the major problems could be that the pineal gland could stop the natural production of melatonin in the body.

Magnetic therapy has been known to produce a drowsy effect on patients when subjected to regular treatment exposures extending over a fixed period of time or depending on the schedule of treatment depending on the individual and the ailment suffered.

So it is best to stimulate the natural production of melatonin which happens naturally within the human body. The pineal gland is known to be sensitive to electromagnetic fields and can respond well to magnetic fields.

Sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad with magnetic pillow pads providing head support is a good way of stimulating the pineal gland located in the brain. This could result in increased production of melatonin.

Magnetic therapy helps in resetting the circadian cycles and simultaneously increasing the production of melatonin to sustain the sleep state throughout the night leaving the individual waking up refreshed after a sound night’s sleep.

Magnetic therapy products from Woolrest BioMag enable you to buy magnetic mattress pads and magnetic mattress toppers along with magnetic pillow pads to alleviate the problems arising from insomnia. They have helped innumerable people across the world in achieving a sound night’s sleep leaving them enervated to face the rigors of the modern world.

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Insomnia And Magnetic Therapy

Definition of Insomnia

Insomnia is a condition that makes it hard for people either to fall asleep or find it difficult to stay asleep or both. Even if they fall asleep, they tend to wake up through the night.

Insomnia can leave one feeling tired on waking up and hampers one’s ability to function normally when awake. Sufferers experience low energy levels and mood swings that take a toll on overall quality of life.

A good night’s sleep results in seven to eight hours of sleep for adults. At least one in three adults experience insomnia at some point of their lives but the acute sufferers are those who have chronic insomnia.

Types of insomnia

Insomnia may not be traced due to any obvious reasons and this is termed primary insomnia. There are patients suffering from existing health conditions which need attention for alleviation of pain through medicines giving rise to secondary insomnia.

Causes of insomnia

There are various factors that cause insomnia. Some of the major ones are discussed below.


Stressful situations can keep the mind working overtime at night causing difficulty in sleeping. These may range from work or health related issues to family problems such as impending divorce. Unabated stress can lead to insomnia.


Anxiety disorders can be minor or major depending on the person’s lifestyle but they can disrupt sleep causing insomnia.


Chemical imbalances in the brain is a major cause of depression. Constantly worrying over things is also another cause. Depression can cause excessive sleep or cause problems entering into sleep. Insomnia can be an offshoot of other mental problems.

Use of medicines

Powerful prescription drugs that include heart and blood pressure medications, antidepressants, allergy medicines and even over the counter flu medications more often than not can obstruct sleep.

Coffee and Alcohol intake

Caffeine drinks like coffee and tea are stimulants that can make one stay awake at night especially if consumed late in the afternoon. Nicotine, a key ingredient of cigarettes is a stimulant that causes insomnia. Alcohol can help one fall asleep but prevents from attaining stage 3 and 4 deep sleep states.

Painful health conditions

The throbbing pain from injuries or medical disorders like arthritis often leads to lack of sleep.

Lack of physical activity

With the digital world locking people more to their seats and people spending long hours at work, most do not find the time for exercise and other physical activities. These can lead to poor sleeping habits.

Insomnia increases with old age

Sleeplessness increases with age with factors due to change in sleep patterns, change in activities and changes in health compounding the problem.

With increased age, the body clock or circadian rhythms tend to change with onset of sleep arising earlier in the evening accompanied by tendency to wake up early in the morning though the amount of sleep required by older people does not change from what younger compatriots may need.

Changes in health with debilitating conditions like arthritis, chronic back pain etc can cause insomnia in addition to poor sleeping habits due to stress and depression.

Magnetic therapy for treating insomnia

Magnetic therapy is a non-invasive alternative treatment that can help alleviate the sleep problems causing insomnia through repeated exposure to static magnetic fields or pulsed electromagnetic fields through use of magnetic therapy products that help in gaining a great night’s sleep.

Reducing the intensity of the sleep problems is in itself a big achievement and can gradually help the patient get into a better sleep pattern over time thus alleviating the effects of insomnia.

Try our magnetic therapy products from Woolrest BioMag for 60 days risk free and experience the enjoyment a sound night’s sleep.

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Magnetic Therapy For Improved Sleep Effects

Magnetic therapy from low strength magnetic fields can cause subtle human behavioral changes without any corresponding variations in the brain’s electrical activity according to research done by Dr. Robert Becker. Behavioral changes induced can be significant if arising from REM sleep deprivation.

Dr. Becker found that high strength magnetic fields can create noticeable electrical activity in nerve tissue that is responsible for the overall functioning of the nervous system.

Magnetic mattress pad for better sleep

Humans are bombarded with electrosmog which is electromagnetic force fields from household electrical appliances that have become and part and parcel of our daily lives. These fields can disrupt the cellular systems putting the body under significant stress levels.

Magnetic mattress pads with healing magnets provide the restorative energy to restore the body to a balanced energy state thus countering the harmful effects of electrosmog.

Scientific study using magnetic mattress pads

A controlled double blinded scientific study was undertaken in three hospitals in Japan by Dr Kayzo Shimodaira and his team to put to test the efficiency of magnets in magnetic mattress pads.

The number of patients who took part in this study was 431 out of which 216 were males and 215 were females. The patients had existing health conditions like insomnia, back pain and neck pain.

The study involved the use of 375 active magnetic mattress pads and 56 placebo magnetic mattress pads sans any magnets. The study lasted for a whole year.

Results of the study involving magnetic mattress pads

Symptoms                             Cases     No Results     Positive Results
Neck and Shoulder Pain          66               19                         47
Back Pain                                   31                6                          25
Fatigue                                      64                11                         53
Insomnia                                   70                11                         61

Dr. Shimodaira concluded the study with these words – “The magnetized health mattress is proved to be effective on neck and shoulder pain, back and lower back pain, lower limb pain, insomnia and fatigue and to have no harmful side effects.”

Magnetic therapy treatment for other disorders improves sleep

There have been cases where magnetic therapy has been used for treating various disorders primarily for reduction of pain and this in turn led to alleviation of sleep problems in patients. Some of the changes recorded are highlighted below.

Patients suffering from fibromyalgia pain slept on magnetic mattress pads and experienced improved sleep of the order of 37%.

Low frequency treatment of the order of 50 Hz or less for extended exposures of about 9 hours on a daily basis led to relaxed body state with increased sleep duration in monkeys.

Patients suffering from musculoskeletal problems when subjected to magnetic therapy treatment recorded improvements in appetite and sleep.

The reduction of high blood pressure and stress is a significant outcome of magnetic therapy treatment resulting in improved sleep patterns.

Magnetic mattress pads and magnetic mattress toppers from Woolrest BioMag contain powerful static magnets radiating benefical magnetic force fields that help restore the human body to a balanced energy state at night when sleeping on them.

It alleviates pain and other disturbances caused by harmful force fields and helps the body wake up refreshed the next morning to face the challenges of life. Take a 60 day risk free test run and feel the difference.

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Magnetic Field Characteristics For Sleep Disorders Treatment

The way the human body reacts to magnetic therapy treatment for sleep disorders comes down to the characteristics of the magnetic fields used in the treatment.

The various magnetic field characteristics impacting sleep disorder treatment are:

The frequency of the magnetic field

Electromagnetic devices that allow the frequency to be set at levels below 15 Hz are the closest to simulating brainwave entrainment of sleep level frequencies. The order of frequencies from 3 Hz to 300 Hz are termed extremely low frequency (ELF) radiations.

Higher wave frequencies are known to cause drowsiness in some patients while others become alert when subjected to it. It is best to stimulate the whole body including the head with magnetic therapy treatment before hitting the sack.

The strength of the magnetic field

The strength of the magnetic field is measured in Gauss units and is defined as the iron weight that can be lifted. Gauss is the electromagnetic unit of flux density. A magnet that can lift 1 lb of iron weight is approximately 240 Gauss. If it is 5 lbs, its Gauss equivalent would be in 900 to 1250G. Overall, the strength of the magnet depends on its size, weight and material out of which it is made.

The strength of the magnets depend on the ailment being treated. Chronic ailments like back pain, rheumatoid arthritis etc require powerful magnets of the order of 3000 Gauss.

More sensitive body parts like the ears and eyes can be treated with magnets of the order of 500 Gauss. By rule of thumb, in magnetic therapy, a magnet of at least 500 Gauss strength is needed for treatment of disorders of any kind.

The size of the magnetic field

Apart from the strength of the magnetic field in Gauss, the size of the magnet also plays an important role. The penetration of the magnetic field is vital to magnetic therapy healing and it is a combination of strength and size of the magnet used.

A small sized magnet of order of 15000 Gauss can penetrate only a couple of inches below the affected region. On the other hand, a magnet of larger size but of a moderate order of 1500 Gauss can penetrate the region of treatment completely.

The number and duration of exposures of magnetic field treatments

The number of times the patient is exposed to magnetic field treatment be it on a regular or intermittent basis, it depends entirely on the individual in question and the nature of the ailment being treated.

For sleep problems, local exposures are ideal if costs are an impediment and this can be achieved by use of devices with static magnetic fields or pulsed electromagnetic fields.

If a full body exposure is the preferred mode of magnetic therapy treatment using ELFs, then the entire body is restored to a balanced energy state and sleep problems that are an offshoot of other problems in the body also tend to get alleviated thus providing better sleep at night.

Magnetic therapy products from Woolrest BioMag contain powerful static magnets that help in alleviating sleep disorders to leave you refreshed after a sound night’s sleep to let you meet the challenges of a new day. Take a 60 day risk free trial and find out what a good night’s sleep is all about.

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Magnetic Therapy Treatment For Sleep Disorders

Magnetic therapy is an effective alternative treatment for sleep disorders, especially those that are secondary to other problems. Only a tiny fraction of sleep disorders are related to sleep control.

How does magnetic therapy treat sleep disorders?

  • Helps in maintaining overall good health
  • Helps restore the body to a balanced energy state as imbalance in various nervous systems causes stress and increases sleep disorders
  • Ideal in controlling the cause
  • Regular everyday use
  • Moving away from medication in the long term

How do magnetic fields alleviate sleep disorders?

Magnetic fields emitted by powerful static magnets help alleviate sleep problems in the following ways:

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Reduction in inflammation
  • Reduction of muscle tension
  • Decreased irritation of the nerves
  • Cellular functions are galvanized
  • Better movement of cellular nutrients for absorption
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Stress reduction
  • Restoring the body to balanced energy state

Magnetic fields are non-invasive and can permeate tissue and bones effortlessly providing deeper levels of penetration in body parts which are focus of treatment. The treatment can be either at localized levels or can cover the entire body.

When it comes to treating sleep disorders, the head is the first region where magnetic therapy treatment is initiated. Any other part of the body that influences sleep patterns is also subjected to magnetic fields.

The random disorderly firing of irritated nerves sends sleep disorder signals to the brain especially from an injured part of the body which is highly inflamed. Magnetic fields help in the reduction of firing of nerves.

Endorphins are neurotransmitters that transmit electrical signals within the nervous system. They are generally found in the pituitary gland and other parts of the brain and give a sense of well being and happiness. Magnetic therapy can stimulate endorphins and effect hormonal changes.

Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland and it maintains the circadian rhythms or sleep wake patterns in humans. It has also numerous beneficial properties like prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer.

Eleven of the the thirteen published epidemiologic residential and occupational studies are considered to provide evidence that high magnetic field exposure can cause decreased production of melatonin the body.

This is an important factor to keep in mind during long term magnetic therapy treatment. So an intake of melatonin rich products during treatment is a step in the right direction.

Magnetic therapy treatment products from Woolrest BioMag are characterized by use of powerful static magnets exposing the body to steady static magnetic fields when sleeping on magnetic mattress pads to recharge and refresh the body by alleviating sleep disorders and waking up overnight to face the day ahead with strength and vitality. Test drive our magnetic mattress products for 60 days risk free and feel the difference.

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