Magnetic Therapy Treatment For Neck Pain Relief

Magnetic therapy has been known to provide relief from neck pain without invasive surgery or use of powerful anti-inflammatory drugs.

Neck – Functions and Importance

The neck is made up of seven bones in the form of cervical vertebrae found at the upper part of the spine. These bones hold up the head in place and also form the basis for the food pipe, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and air tubes.

The numerous blood vessels found in the neck allow blood to flow through to the head and the brain. The neck holds the trachea and the food pipe known as esophagus which is the pathway for food and water to the rest of the body.

The upper spinal cord that reaches the neck is responsible for the movements of the body and this is connected to the stem of the brain in the neck.

The muscles of the head and neck can be segregated by function. The muscles responsible for facial expression, mastication or chewing, tongue muscles, pharynx, larynx, hearing and sight are all located in the skull and the neck regions.

The above facts clearly prove that the neck is a very important region and is responsible for several important functions in the human body.

Causes of neck pain

A lot of neck pain problems are caused by poor posture. If one spends a lot of time with the neck tilted to one side or hunched over a computer or car wheel for hours together, such poor postures can lead to neck pain.

Causes of stiff neck

Stiff neck is experienced by majority of the people at some point or the other in their lifetime. The main cause of stiff neck is due to the straining of the levator scapula muscle which connects the cervical spine with the shoulder.

The spraining of the levator scapula muscle occurs because of normal everyday activities like injuries around neck region, sleeping in an awkward position that strains the neck, slouched posture in front of a computer and long periods of stress.

Symptoms of stiff neck

The symptoms of a stiff neck can be tenderness in the region above the shoulder blades and spreading to the upper back portion. The inflammation of the muscles makes movement of the neck very painful. This pain can last anywhere from couple of days to a week when the cervical spine gets time to heal.

Magnetic therapy for neck pain relief

High frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) treatments comprising of 5 to 15 treatments of varying durations have been known to provide great drug free relief to neck pain and other pains in various parts of the body.

If the pulsed magnetic therapy treatments are maintained over a continuous period at a frequency of & Hz to 4 KHz and even lower magnetic field strengths of 15 Gauss, it has been known to provide good neck pain relief.

Sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad over a considerable period of time has been known to reduce pain as much as six times than before.

As mentioned in the previous post Magnetic Therapy For Neck Pain, diathermy of the order of 27 Hz has provided immense relief from neck pain of the chronic variety.

Neck pain that persisted for more than 6 weeks and that did not respond well to anti-inflammatory drugs showed a huge decrease in intensity when battery operated diathermy device was encased in a cervical collar. The results showed almost 75% of the patients experienced great pain relief and reported better mobility of the neck.

Magnetic therapy from Woolrest BioMag consists of magnetic mattress pads and toppers that emit powerful static magnetic fields exposing the neck or any part of the body affected by pain every night and help reduce the inflammation through improved blood circulation bringing the dual benefits of drug free pain relief and a good night’s sleep.

Try our magnetic therapy products risk free for 60 days and feel the difference they can make to your general health and well being.

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Magnetic Therapy And Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common occurrence and is largely due to the straining of neck muscles. Most of the time, we are not sitting with the correct posture when hunched up over the computer or indulging in favorite pastime at home.

Severe neck painĀ  can be very troublesome and can extend to the shoulders as well. It is important to note the exact location where the neck pain is most severe. This can be helpful in determining the cause of the pain.

It is also important to note when the neck hurts the most – when trying to turn the neck to the left or right, tilting the head backward or forward or when lying down and getting ready to sleep at night.

Causes of neck pain

Neck pain results from a number of reasons ranging from injuries to ailments like rheumatoid arthritis.

Wear and tear of joints

The neck joint wears out over time due to incessant use and can sometimes lead to osteoarthritis of the neck.

Compression of neck nerves

The nerves from the spinal cord branch out into the vertebra. In cases where the space is restricted due to the problems in the neck region, these nerves can get compressed as in the case of herniated disk, bone spurs and stiff disks.

In the case of herniation or stiffening of disks, the cushioning disks between the vertebra in the form of inner gel like substance protrudes through the hard outer disk and compresses the nerves on the spinal column with pain sensation on the spinal cord or arms.

Bone spurs are caused when neck joints affected by arthritis surface as bony outgrowth which in turn compresses the nerves.

Muscle Strain

Over indulgence in activity that causes stress in the neck region can come from hunching over the computer or steering wheel of a vehicle for hours together without a break.

Muscles, especially those in the back of the neck, develop strain and excessive use can lead to chronic neck pain.


During a car crash especially when hit from behind, the head is pushed forward and then pulled back in a manner where the soft tissues in the neck are stretched beyond their limits. These cause whiplash injuries.


Neck pain can be an offshoot of rheumatoid arthritis where the neck joints are the third most common part in the human body to be affected after the hands and feet.

Cancer of the spine can cause excessive neck pain. Meningitis is another disorder that causes the swelling of the lining between the brain and the spinal cord to swell. Neck pain is a symptom of this disease.

Magnetic Therapy for neck pain relief

Pulsed magnetic therapy of the order of lower frequency of 27Hz is used for diathermy treatment of neck pain.

Diathermy is the process of inducing heat electrically using electromagnetic pulses to relax the muscles in the affected region. Diathermy of the neck muscles has successfully treated even chronic neck pain to provide drug free pain relief and improved movement of the neck. We will see in more detail the magnetic therapy treatments of the neck in the next post.

Magnetic therapy products from Woolrest BioMag are custom manufactured to the highest quality standards. The luxurious layer of Australian and New Zealand wool in which the powerful therapeutic magnets are embedded strategically has given immense drug free pain relief to hordes of users who go to bed every night lying on our magnetic mattress pads and magnetic mattress toppers. Give our products a 60 day risk free trial and feel the difference it makes to your health and well being.

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