Back Pain And Oxygen Deprivation

Continuing from the previous post on relationship between chronic back pain and lack of cell oxygenation, it is clear that reduced oxygen levels in cells cause back pain and related disorders like sciatica.

Muscles operate well under optimum cell oxygenation levels. Lack of oxygen affects the metabolic activity of muscles rendering them incapable of disposing off wastes like lactic acid.

A minor depletion in cell oxygen levels causes dull throbbing ache spread over a larger surface area in the back. A major depletion will cause acute lower muscle back pain causing the muscles to spasm.

This causes severe pain and back muscle spasms can be severely tight, enough to pinch a nerve, thus leading to sciatica.

How does lack of cell oxygenation cause back pain?

There are both physical and psychological reasons to explain back pain caused by lack of cell oxygen.

Physical Aspects Of Back Pain

People who suffer from injuries are more prone to back pain caused by poor blood flow to the muscles in the back. Heat and exercise are prescribed to help improve the blood circulation targeting the back.

But magnetic therapy is a drug free natural treatment that improves blood circulation by exposing the back to powerful static magnetic fields during sleep. This is a natural way of improving blood circulation in the affected areas which reduces inflammation and provides pain relief.

Smokers also suffer from poor cell oxygenation as carbon monoxide and tar and other harmful chemicals when inhaled impede with the flow and distribution of oxygen to the different parts of the body.

Psychological Aspects Of Back Pain

Stress is a major factor when it comes to ailments. With the pressures of modern world ever increasing, emotional stress can cause problems that in turn can influence blood circulation and distribution of oxygen and other nutrients.

Under stress, the sub conscious mind affects the autonomic nerves which are assocaited with critical involuntary functions of the human body like heart rate, digestion, salivation, sweating etc.

The oxygen supply to cells can get reduced under stress with the sub conscious mind blocking off the emotional pain by making humans focus on the physical pain. This is purely a defense mechanism.

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Chronic Back Pain Related To Lack Of Cellular Oxygen

As chronic back pain in most cases is due to lack of oxygen, the muscles in the lower back area suffer from poor cell oxygenation. They are unable to metabolize waste products like lactic acid.

The reduced levels of oxygen cause a dull throbbing pain over the affected area. If the oxygen deficiency increases, the back muscle spasms can make life miserable.

Each nerve cell and muscle cell in the body requires the right amount of oxygen to function properly. Moreover, the nerves themselves are sensitive to variations in oxygen levels in cells.

The Three Types Of Peripheral Nerves

Motor Nerves

The brain and spinal cord send signals through motor nerves to all the muscles in the body. Motor nerves are closely associated with the day to day physical activities like running, walking or picking objects with fingers. Damage to motor nerves can cause weakness in the muscle, difficulty walking, cramps and spasms.

Sensory Nerves

These nerves send messages from the various muscles in the body back to the spinal cord and brain. These nerves are associated with feelings of heat, cold, sharpness, roughness etc through sensors in the skin and within the body.

Damage to sensory nerves can cause tingling, pain, numbness and high level of sensitivity to touch.

Autonomic Nerves

These nerves control the involuntary or semi-voluntary functions of the body such as heart rate, blood pressure, digestion etc. Damage to autonomic nerves causes the heart beat to become slower or faster.

Spells of dizziness even when standing up, sweating excessively or total lack of sweating are some of the symptoms. In addition to this, autonomic nerve damage can cause diarrhea, vomiting, pupil dilation, problems with passing urine etc.

In the next post, we will look at the specific relationship between back pain and oxygen deprivation.

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Magnetic Therapy For Back Pain Relief

Magnetic therapy is an effective alternative treatment for back pain relief, more so for the symptoms characteristic of back pain.

As discussed on this blog before, magnetic therapy helps restore the body to a balanced state and help in the healing process.

Key Benefits Of Magnetic Therapy

  • Restoring the cellular magnetic balance
  • Expedite the movement of calcium ions in the body for healing of bones and nerve tissues
  • Improved blood circulation with magnetic fields repelling the oxygen carrying blood protein,  hemoglobin thus reducing inflammation
  • The magnets improve the pH balance of cells
  • Better production of hormones

Back Pain

Majority of people on earth have experienced back pain at some stage of their lives. Some have been suffering from chronic back pain for the best part of their lives.

The causes of back pain can be self inflicted due to abuse of the body through bad habits. Else it can be due to accidents, muscle strains and sports injuries.

The Symptoms Of Back Pain

  • Constant pain along the spine from the base of the neck to the hips
  • Sharp pain in the upper back, lower back or neck regions after strenuous activity like lifting heavy objects
  • Pain that travels from lower back to the buttocks and into the back of the thigh and right down to the calf and toes
  • Severe muscle spasms in the lower back region making it hard to stand straight

Magnetic Therapy For Treating Back Pain

The exposure of pain affected areas in neck, upper back or lower back areas to powerful static magnetic fields or pulsed magnetic fields helps in improving the blood circulation in the affected areas thus reducing inflammation.

Magnetic fields repel hemoglobin, the blood protein that carries oxygen. This improves the blood flow and reduces the pain in the muscle tissue and reduces muscle tension.

Magnetic therapy improves the cell function through better absorption of nutrients and better movement of calcium ions that help in repairing problems associated with the musculoskeletal system.

The magnetic mattress pads and magnetic mattress toppers from Woolrest BioMag expose the human body to powerful static magnetic fields when sleeping overnight and thus exposing the entire back to the beneficial effects of magnetic therapy.

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Back Pain Relief

Back pain is a common medical problem affecting most of us.

If you have ever groaned “Ah, my aching back!” when getting out of a chair or bed, you are seeking relief from back pain.

Back pain affects 80 percent of the people at some stage of their lives. Back pain can be a throbbing dull ache or it can be sudden sharp pain that makes moving around difficult and sometimes even standing up straight.

Acute back pain can last anywhere between a few days and few weeks. If it lasts over three months, it is called chronic back pain.

Easing Back Pain

The pain relievers available over the counter may offer temporary relief. A good rest can help. But the Woolrest BioMag magnetic mattress pad is providing great relief from back pain to many people who have used it. In a majority of cases, it helps reduce pain and swelling.

Personal Testimonial

“I injured my back three years ago and was in pain most of the time…especially if I was doing the gardening or cleaning the windows or doing something like that. And at night I had a lot of pain. One day my husband heard an advertisement on the radio for the Woolrest BioMag magnetic underlay, and there was a woman saying how she couldn’t wait to get into bed at night because the BioMag had helped her sleep … and he said why don’t I try one? So I rang up and ordered one, and I can tell you – I don’t understand how it works, but it really does. It’s going to go with me wherever I go! I would thoroughly recommend them.”


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