Magnetic Therapy For Cats

In the previous post Cat Arthritis And Magnetic Therapy, we saw how magnetic therapy can help alleviate the arthritis pain in cats in a drug free manner. This post will continue on this topic of magnetic therapy treatment for cats.

How magnetic therapy works in pets

It is well known that a magnet in its basic form is iron or steel object charged in an electromagnetic field. These magnets can be of ferrite core or natural earth materials like boron and iron. Each magnet is characterized by the presence of a north pole and a south pole.

When a cat is exposed to the north pole of a magnet, there are numerous beneficial effects that helps it gain drug free cat arthritis pain relief and  reduction of hyperactivity.

Pet magnetic therapy treatment benefits

  • Helps in relaxation of muscles
  • Reduces the blood pressure
  • Healing of fractures by bringing down the acidity which helps bones heal quicker
  • Decrease in the growth of bacteria and viruses
  • Reduction in the growth of abnormal cells
  • Enhances the blood circulation which reduces inflammation
  • Increase in the red blood cell count
  • Stimulate tissues and increase the oxygen flow to tissues

There are two important things to be aware of when subjecting cats to magnetic therapy treatment.

Firstly, cat owners are strongly advised to consult their veterinarian before subjecting their cat to magnetic therapy.

Secondly, do not use the south pole of the magnet to treat cats especially if they have infections. Using the south pole of the magnet over the cat’s head can be deleterious causing abnormal behavior. Also an increase in white blood cell count can increase inflammation.

Different forms of magnetic therapy treatment for cats

It is to be remembered that the blood circulation in the bodies of pets, especially cats and dogs is much quicker than in humans. Because of their comparatively smaller body size, the blood circulates rapidly in pets and this paves the way for better and more rapid absorption of magnetic fields in cats and dogs than humans.

When magnets are placed around the neck of a cat, in the form of a magnetic collar, the magnetic fields emitted are absorbed by the carotid artery really fast. This artery is crucial in carrying the oxygen from the cat’s heart to the head and neck.

The enhanced blood circulation in pets results in stimulating the tissues and reducing the inflammation in the joints of the cat affected by arthritis.

Another ideal form of magnetic therapy treatment for cats is the pet magnetic bed which exposes the whole body of the cat to beneficial magnetic fields and helps alleviate the arthritic pain in the joints and also helps the cat gain a sound night’s sleep.

Moreover, the use of magnetic therapy on cats drastically reduces the attacks of parasites like ear mites and fleas as these cannot survive in an electromagnetic field leaving the cats with no itching sensation and reduced risk of infection.

PetMag from Woolrest BioMag

The pet magnetic bed from Woolrest BioMag called the PetMag consists of powerful permanent magnets embedded strategically in luxurious Australian wool helping cats gain drug free pain relief from arthritis.

Lying on a PetMag helps your catt in getting a sound night’s sleep and allows it to move around freely with easing of joints affected by arthritis after a few nights of sleeping on the pet magnetic bed. Try a PetMag for the most natural cat pain relief treatment possible.

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Cat Arthritis And Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy for cats is an ideal alternative treatment that provides cat pain relief without invasive surgery or use of powerful drugs. Cats are sensitive animals and they need a soothing treatment to put them at ease.

Cats affected by arthritis

Arthritis in cats causes a lot of pain and it is important to provide cats some arthritis pain relief through alternative treatments. Magnetic therapy is an effective way to treat cat arthritis problems unique to the feline variety.

Cats affected by other unique problems

The modern world we live in poses challenges not only to humans but also to cats. The minute we wake up from sleep, we are subjected to sounds of all kinds day in and day out. Cats also get bombarded by such sounds as it can be three times louder to them than what it sounds to an average human.

The immune system of cats tend to break down due to the rigors of living in the modern day world. The purring of cats is itself a healing therapy as the sounds emitted are in the range of healing frequencies.

Magnetic therapy treatment for cat pain relief

Magnetic therapy treatment for cats in the form of pet magnetic bed or the PetMag, a pet magnetic therapy product from Woolrest BioMag, helps provide drug free arthritis pain relief.

The pet owner has to make his/her cat lie down and relax on the pet magnetic bed at night to get a good night’s sleep. The PetMag consists of powerful permanent magnets embedded in luxurious Australian wool that emit beneficial static magnetic fields.

When the affected regions of your cat’s body is exposed to these magnetic fields, they get to work and improve your cat’s blood circulation in the arthritis affected joints and reduce inflammation. The magnetic fields also restore the cat’s body to a balanced energy state leaving them refreshed with improved energy levels that lets them move around without hassles.

The enhanced blood circulation in the pet’s body also strengthens the cat’s immune system by increasing the flow of cellular nutrients and oxygen at the cellular level thus flushing out the toxins. This improved circulation also helps in the healing of tissues.

Note: As a pet owner, the onus is on you to consult your veterinarian before subjecting your cat to magnetic therapy treatment for arthritis pain relief.

Pet magnetic therapy from Woolrest BioMag

The pet magnetic beds from Woolrest BioMag called the PetMag provide an effective way to treat cat arthritis and dog arthritis problems using magnetic therapy and provide drug free arthritis pain relief in pets.

A few sessions of sleeping on the PetMag helps the cats and dogs move around much more freely than they would with the loosening of joints and reduction of inflammation in the arthritis affected areas.

Animals do not understand the placebo effect which is a common charge leveled by detractors of magnetic therapy. The PetMag induces new energy into the bodies of pets helping them lead a better quality of life. Buy a PetMag for your ailing pet today and give it a chance to gain chronic pain relief.

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Magnetic Therapy For Dog Arthritis

In our previous post titled Dog Arthritis And Magnetic Therapy, we looked at the causes of arthritis in dogs and the early warning signs of onset of arthritis in dogs. In this post, we will look at the immune mediated arthritis and how magnetic therapy can be used to control dog arthritis.

Immune Mediated Arthritis

The immune mediated arthritis is caused by antibodies that attack a dog’s own connective tissue resulting in either an erosive arthritis or a non-erosive arthritis.

Erosive arthritis damages a dog’s cartilage and joint surfaces. Non-erosive arthritis causes inflammation in the joints but it does not destroy connective tissue.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an erosive arthritis that occurs to a large extent in small dogs. Non-erosive arthritis largely occurs in midsize to large sized dogs.

Magnetic therapy for treating dog arthritis

The pet magnetic bed from Woolrest BioMag called the PetMag consists of powerful permanent magnets embedded in luxurious Australian wool to emit beneficial static magnetic fields that your dog is exposed to when it sleeps on the pet magnetic bed.

The static magnetic fields reduces the inflammation and improves the blood circulation in the arthritis affected areas in the dog, mainly the joints. This improved blood circulation helps carry nutrients and more oxygen to the affected regions thus reducing the inflammation and easing the pain.

Magnetic therapy in dogs is ideal for fracture healing. The effect of static magnetic fields increases the calcium ions concentration at the fractured area and formation of the callus that helps in effective healing of fractures.

In addition to this, magnetic therapy helps in restoring the pet’s body to a balanced energy state and helps in improving the dog’s metabolism. Apart from treating canine arthritis, magnetic therapy helps in alleviating other disorders like hip dysplasia, osteochondritis, arthritis of the spine, vertebral problems and chronic pain disorders.

Advantages of magnetic therapy for dog arthritis treatment

Magnetic therapy is a safe alternative treatment for dog arthritis that is non-invasive and avoids use of powerful drugs that produce harmful side effects. It is also a cost effective treatment saving pet owners expensive vet and drug bills.

Magnetic therapy helps alleviate the pain characteristic of arthritis in dogs. Magnetic therapy in  combination with conventional fracture healing techniques helps in the healing of fractures in pets with complete union of the fracture where the ends of the fracture heal very well. Generally in a non-union fractures, the ends of the fracture do not heal and the bone endings remain.

It is strongly advised that pet owners contact a veterinarian before subjecting their dog or cat to magnetic therapy treatment. A vet can also suggest the correct strength of magnets to be used in the pet magnetic bed to give the pets total relief from dog arthritis pain or cat pain relief.

Pet magnetic therapy from Woolrest BioMag

The pet magnetic bed or PetMag manufactured by Woolrest BioMag consists of powerful static magnets embedded strategically in luxurious Australian wool to help alleviate the dog arthritis pain in a drug free manner.

Allowing your dog or cat to sleep on the PetMag overnight stimulates the blood flow and reduce inflammation in the regions affected by arthritis. This gives your pet freedom of movement without stressing the affected joints and helps give your dog or cat a better sense of well being. Try a PetMag today and give your pet the best possible natural dog arthritis treatment.

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Dog Arthritis And Magnetic Therapy

Arthritis in dogs is a degenerative condition that affects adult dogs of all ages and breeds. Normally, one in five adult dogs in the US is affected by arthritis. Large breed dogs are affected more than the small dogs. Heavier dogs feel the symptoms of arthritis more on ligaments and joints due to their weight.

Causes of dog arthritis

Most cases of dog arthritis are inherited orthopedic diseases like hip dysplasia, injury in the joints or osteochondrosis. A few cases of arthritis are due to infection of the joints.

Signs of arthritis in dogs

As dogs cannot verbally express their predicament like humans, the onus is upon dog owners to look out for early warning signs of arthritis in dogs including subtle changes. Some of the indicators  of arthritis which dog owners have to keep their eyes peeled for are:

  • Tendency of the dog to use a particular limb more than others
  • Lameness, stiffness and joint pain especially on waking up in the morning
  • Tendency to take more naps than normal
  • Hesitation in climbing stairs, jumping or running
  • Gaining weight
  • Less inclined to play or indulge in physical activity
  • Behavioral changes
  • Attitudinal changes
  • Reduction in alertness levels

If a dog owner can see any of these symptoms over a period of fifteen days, then it is best to take his/her pet to the veterinarian and get a physical examination done and also X-ray analysis. Early diagnosis and a proper plan of treatment is crucial to effective management of canine arthritis.

Osteoarthritis treatment in dogs

Osteoarthritis in dogs is degenerative disease of the joints. Although joint disease cannot be cured, it can be controlled through proper treatment that is made up of physical therapy and weight control.

Conventional medicines in the form of analgesics and corticosteroids can help provide pain relief but also create a host of harmful side effects in your dear dog. Alternative treatments like magnetic therapy for dogs and acupuncture provide excellent drug free pain relief minus the expensive drugs and harmful side effects.

It is of utmost importance to consult a veterinarian before subjecting the dog to magnetic therapy treatment.

Monitored physical activity key to canine arthritis control

Exercise that is moderated and monitored by veterinary physical therapists is a key factor in controlling the spread of arthritis. Exercise helps the dog in maintaining muscle mass and the flexibility of joints. Swimming is an excellent activity that achieves such results without placing stress on the joints.

Owners should avoid exercising their arthritic dogs in excess as it can create more problems in future. Dogs with arthritis should not be allowed to jump up and down. Moreover, they should be exercised on a harness.

Magnetic therapy for dog arthritis

Magnetic therapy from Woolrest BioMag in the form of pet magnetic beds or the PetMag consists of static magnets embedded strategically in luxurious Australian wool.

Getting an arthritic dog to sleep on this pet magnetic bed exposes him to beneficial static magnetic fields throughout the night and helps alleviate the arthritis pain drug free and helps your dog move around with less discomfort the next morning. Get a PetMag today for dog arthritis pain relief.

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Various Magnetic Therapy Field Treatments For Arthritis

In our previous post titled Magnetic Field Therapy For Arthritis Treatment, we saw the various aspects of magnetic field therapy.

Magnetic therapy treatment for arthritis can vary depending on the use of type of magnetic fields. They can be static magnetic fields or pulsed magnetic fields. We will deal with both these aspects of magnetic field therapy in this post.

Arthritis treatment using static magnetic fields

Static magnetic fields can be very helpful in treating arthritis in the individual joints or local application specific to a certain area of the body. Even if the static magnetic fields cannot cover the whole joint, the painful areas around the joint can experience pain relief.

Static magnetic fields are highly effective in treating joints close to the skin surface such as the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), joints of the rib, foot and hand joints.

The important point to keep in mind is that the strength of the magnetic field drops off quickly from the center of the static magnets. Hence these magnets work well when close to the skin surface.

This does not mean that static magnetic fields do not help in treating arthritis in large joints like hips, knees or joints in the spine. Static magnets sewn into a suitable material like the magnetic mattress pads can provide arthritis pain relief in these joints over the course of a good night’s sleep. Drug free pain relief is an important result of magnetic field treatment for arthritis.

If the affected large joints are subjected to continuous exposure of static magnetic fields in the form of wraps, braces etc, it can provide great relief from arthritic pain. But it is also important to remove them from time to time to allow the body to return to a balanced energy state.

Arthritis treatment using pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF)

Pulsed magnetic fields are created when an electric current flows through a metal coil creating an electromagnetic field. The electric signals of varying frequencies creates electromagnetic fields of various strengths. These waves are capable of penetrating tissues and bones in the body.

The pulsed magnetic fields or time varying magnetic fields are not dependent on the magnetic field strength to provide drug free arthritis pain relief. Moreover, the duration of the treatment exposure does not have to be for lengthy period of time.

At the beginning, exposure to long periods of pulsed magnetic fields is necessary to determine the correct waveform, amplitude and frequency so that it can cause regeneration of bone and cartilage in the arthritis affected joints. These characteristics of the pulse wave can vary depending on the individual being treated.

The biggest advantage in using PEMF is that both local and systemic applications work excellently producing great results in relieving arthritic pain without invasive surgery and no side effects. The regeneration of bone and cartilage using PEMFs has enabled sufferers of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis to manage their pain levels and enjoy a better lifestyle.

How do PEMFs help?

The arthritis affected joints are exposed to short bursts of pulsed magnetic fields of the order of 15 to 20 minutes at least twice a day over a specified number of days. This charges the cells causing them to be energized. The transportation of cellular nutrients is improved vastly and the cellular waste is also cleaned out effectively.

The result of using pulsed electromagnetic field for arthritis treatment is that the patient can feel increased warmth in the body due to better circulation. Other effects include relief from discomfort, improved relaxation and arthritis pain relief.

Woolrest BioMag magnetic therapy

Magnetic therapy products from Woolrest BioMag contain powerful static magnets that are embedded strategically in luxurious Australian wool to provide systemic exposure to arthritis affected joints during the course of a great night’s sleep to alleviate the arthritis pain in addition to providing a sound night’s sleep. Test drive our magnetic mattress toppers risk free for  60 days and feel the difference.

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