Woolrest BioMag was started in the 1975 in the land of best quality wool in the world, New Zealand. Woolrest BioMag specializes in magnetotherapy and wool products in the form of magnetic mattress pads and toppers and woolen mattress pads with and without magnets.

The combination of the best of Australian and New Zealand luxurious wool and a scientifically engineered magnetic system has helped numerous customers over the years gain immense therapeutic benefits especially pain relief to old and young alike, sportspeople etc.

Some of the other innovations of the company have been to provide solutions to human sleep disorders and pet therapy solutions that can help dogs and cats pain relief from arthritis or injuries. These have proved to be a resounding success in the marketplace.

Brent and Yvonne McCarty have been the guiding light with a visionary zeal contributing to the success of the company.

Contact us today on 1877 245 3516 or email us at woolrestinfo@woolrestbiomag.com to place your order!

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